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 Hi Friends,
Welcome back!  Can you believe that I have been blogging for several weeks now?  I know, right!
Today I have a card and a few more layouts to share.
 June is a very busy month for us as far as birthdays go.  I have been leering over on Pinterest for some unique ideas for birthday cards.  Sometimes I get so frustrated as I see an awesome card, but then don't have any stamps that are even similar.  Anybody else have that happen to them too?
One type card that I have really been liking has a huge swallow tail butterfly on it.  As you can guess, I don't have anything similar and I can't seem to find one that is at a reasonable price.  So I looked and looked in my stamps and came across this swallow tail butterfly from an Anna Griffin stamp set.  I LOVE IT!!!  Believe it or not, I haven't even used it yet.
So I sat down to see what I could create.  This is what I came up with.

What do you think?  I really like that I stamped part of it off of the 2 1/2 x 2 3/4 inch square.  My next obstacle is I don't have any copic markers.  I really need to take a few classes and play with them first to see if I want to put that type of money into a supply.

Again, I searched through my supplies and found my shimmering chalks.  Lord, I can't believe I have not used these in so long.  I started with a light shade of a blue, then a teal blue and finally a purple to create the colors.  The colors blended so easily and looked so realistic that I was thrilled with the outcome.  I Love it.
I love the look so much that I made a whole bunch of these little squares to with butterflies in different colors.  That way, when I need a card, I can pull these out and quickly put it together.
This particular day that I sat down to create I was unusually creative.  On a good day, I can maybe whip up 3-4 layouts and sometimes a card.  But on this day, I shocked myself.  I made 3 cards (All like the one above) and 7 layouts.  AMAZING!!!!!!

This layout features our youngest grandson with his Auntie.  Can I just say that working with hexagons is much more difficult that you can imagine.   Seriously, I must have cut out what seemed like 100 hexagons but ended up only using 14.  I do have to say that I am pleased with the final outcome.  The groupings of hexagons look like flowers to me, yet they aren't too girly to go on a little boy layout.  
In addition to the hexagons, I obviously added a few hearts.  As I went a looked at this layout a couple of days later, the hearts gave me inspiration for another layout in the future.  I can hardly wait to find some time to sit down. 
 I have decided the reason I was able to create so easily on this particular day is that I didn't fight my OCD tendency  to have straight clean lines.
This layout also features our youngest grandson with his Grandma and cousin.  What do you like or dislike about it?  I personally like the color blocking.

Here is Grandma with Zach.  So so so sweet.  Look at all of that love written all over Grandma's face.  

Here is the family.  Mom, Dad and baby Zach.  They are such a cute family.  LOVE them so much.

Looky there....Ha ha ha.... It's NaNa (me) holding Zach.  So sweet!!!!  Don't babies smell so good?

Ha...I had so much fun looking at these pictures.   I had taken Zach's socks off to look at his adorable feet.  Ok....I admit it...I wanted pictures of those little piggies.  :)   Anyway, after I was done, Pops was holding him and dad insisted that he needed his socks back on.  ADORABLE!!!!!!

That is it for today.  Look for more inspiration in the coming weeks.  Don't forget, you can always follow me on pinterest to check out where I get some of my inspiration....and if you are so inclined...I would love to see one of my layouts pinned.   

Have a blessed day!

 All comments or critiques are welcomed and read with enthusiasm.
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Grandma and Family

Grandma and Family
Grandma and Family