Hi Friends!!!!  I am so glad that you could stop by.  Sit down and I will pour you a glass of sweet tea.  It sure has been hot here, but I know that visiting with my friends will certainly take my mind off of the heat.

Today I want to share a couple of layouts that I created.  There really is no real theme, just some randomness as that is the way that I roll!!  Ha ha....Those of you that know me are laughing as they know how OCD I can be.

These pictures are some of my favorite.  My sweet daughter in law, Tabetha, took these photos while I was visiting.  I love that my grandbabies want to spend time with me.  Sometimes, they even compete with each other over who gets to sit on NaNa's lap.  LOVE THAT!!  It makes me feel special, loved and needed.

I asked my daughter, Amber to send me a picture of all of her kids together.  With 5 kids, you can imagine that can be a feat in itself.  I mean honestly, how often can  you get 5 kids to smile all at the same time?  As you can guess, this was taken several years ago.  Mason was just a baby in this photo, but he is almost 3 now.  My oh my, how time truly flies.  Those youngins really do grow up fast. 

I have enjoyed our visit today.  I'm not rushing you off.  You are most welcome to stay and look around.  I'm sure there might be a few more funny, interesting or maybe even inspiring posts somewhere on this blog.  For goodness sakes, there must be as this is blog post 750!!!!  That is a lot of words from someone that claims they really don't know what to say to people.

Until next time...Have a Fabulous day!!!  Keep creating!

Have a blessed day!

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All comments or critiques are welcomed and read with enthusiasm.
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Grandma and Family

Grandma and Family
Grandma and Family