Perpetual calendar wall hanging

Hi Friends!!
I have an awesome post today.  I am making these perpetual calendars to sell as Christmas gifts.  Each of the ones highlighted are made from walnut, a durable hard wood.
 I love the ombre painting.  I think it enhances the beauty of the project.  This one is done in blue.  The butterfly is my favorite thing on this one.
 This one is hard to capture the true color.  It is done in purple.

Obviously, this one is done in more neutral colors to coordinate with any home decor.  I love love love the burlap flower with antique buttons.

This one is a bit more irregularly shaped.  I love it as it really shows the woodgrain.

These particular ones are all earmarked for special people, but I can make one for you.

I will make them the ombre color of your choice. They measure 6 inches wide by 25 inches in length.
They can be personalized with the title of your choice, such as the family name.
 Each will come with 20 wooden discs which you can write the name of the person and the date in sharpie marker (Additional wooden discs can be purchased separately).

Pricing starts at $65 plus shipping and handling.  If you live close, I will be happy to deliver.
Additional 10 wooden discs for $5

drop me an email to to make arrangements tqmnurse@gmail.com.  Put perpetual calendar in the subject and include your name and phone number that I can reach you.

Have a blessed day!

All comments or critiques are welcomed and read with enthusiasm.  
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