New sketches and need blog header design help

Hi Friends!!!
I'm still here...just haven't been too crafty of late.  Really just taking a break.  DH and I are starting to paint the interior of the house..  It is such a long process and it cuts into my scrap time.
I have been trying to re-organize my scrapbook room.  I have most of the organizing tools and cupboards that I need but, I just can't seem to find a design that is beautiful and works for me.  Of course, part of the problem is probably that my organizing items are very eclectic in style and color.  Hopefully, in the coming weeks, I will take a picture and show you what I mean.  Maybe one of you will have a suggestion, too.  Now that would be awesome.

Today, I would like to share a couple of things.  I am just learning photoshop.  I have had the program for years (think photoshop 6), but have never really used it.  It is all trial and error for me and a painfully slow process.  With that being said, I have a couple of sketches that I tried out.
 I guess I need to get some elements so I can have basic designs to add to the sketch.  

All in all, I think they are not too bad.  I just need to keep practicing.  Someday, I will get there.
On another note, I want to re-do my blog header and create a coordinating side bar button.  I would really like someone to do it for me (ha ha -  just being honest), but I don't know where to search for a blog designer.

Again, I was playing in photoshop and started with something like this for the header.  This is very basic and not quite what I want.  I want to somehow incorporate a Robin bird and scrapbook elements like ribbons, buttons, butterflies, and flowers into the design

For the coordinating button, I want to take an element from the header.
Does anyone have any suggestions for design of the blog header or for a person that will help me to design it?

That is all I have for today.  I hope to have some scrappy items in the coming days...
See you then!

Have a blessed day!
All comments or critiques are welcomed and read with enthusiasm.
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